PMW 110 Automatic Parts Washer

The model 110 is the perfect Power Spray Washer for the small shop as well as an inexpensive additional washer for the large shops. With a 12 ga. steel cabinet, a 2 hp. main pump, this rugged machine is designed for small parts to V-8 blocks. The model 110 is safe, portable and efficient method for commercial and industrial applications.

PMW 112 Automatic Parts Washer

The model 112 is designed for small shops and its 3 HP pump gets jobs done quick. The standard, heavy duty construction of this washer will ensure years of service while improving the standard of cleanliness in your shop. The model 112 utilizes hot water soluble cleaning agents. Standard 26″ dia. turntable with 32″ of working height.

PMW 113 Automatic Parts Washer

The Model 113 is the perfect washer for small shops. This washer has the same features and working size as the Model 112 but is fully insulated for efficiency and has a larger fluid capacity making this unit ideal for constant use. It can accommodate up to 500 lbs and withstand multi-loading blocks, heads, transmissions or parts.


PMW 412 Automatic Parts Washer


With a standard 5 hp. Pump, 26″ dia. turntable, and a 40″ working height this washer, the model 412 is ideal for commercial rebuilders and larger shops.  It boasts a 5 H.P. pump, 12 Kw. electric heat, insulated cabinet, 70 gal. reservoir, electric lockout and a 5 cu. ft. parts basket standard. Turntable easily handles loads up to 800 lbs.

PMW 612 Automatic Parts Washer


Perfect for larger shops because the 36″ dia. turntable and 42″ of working height it will handle just about any cleaning job with ease (up to 1000 lbs. of parts.) The model 612 has a 7.5 hp. pump that sprays 110 gpm at 60 psi, 12 Kw. electric heat, insulated cabinet, electric lockout, 120 gal, reservoir and 5 cu. ft. parts basket standard.

PMW 812 Automatic Parts Washer


The 812 series machines are available in 6 standard sizes up to a 6 ft. dia. turntable with 60″ working height and 2000 lb capacity. The door mounted turntable design is built to provide complete accessibility. The labyrinth door design eliminates the need for expensive replacement seals. Your customization will be perfect for its application.


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Like anyone, Allen Woods & Associates appreciates quality, American craftsmanship. This is why we are so pleased to represent the genius and ingenuity of Precision Metal Works (PMW) Automatic Parts Washers. This Iowa-based company specializes in the design and production of aqueous-based automatic parts washers. From a standard 50-gallon spray-cabinet to a custom 800-gallon pass-thru washer, PMW equipment will clean your parts more thoroughly, while eliminating inefficiency.

PMW has the experience, resources and TALENT to meet your needs. At Allen Woods, we will make recommendations based on YOUR needs to provide you with the best fit. Whether standard or custom, your washer will perform as though it were built just for you!