ENVIRO/Flow HAL-40 (HAL-40) is a medium – high viscosity hot air solder leveling flux designed

to assure rapid and complete soldering of printed wiring boards processed through Argus TM

vertical hot air leveling equipment. HAL-40 will remove light copper oxides, deposit a  non-evaporating

protective film on the copper to minimize copper reoxidation prior to solder leveling,  maximize

solder wetting of the copper by reducing the surface tension at the copper/solder interface,

and enhance the reflectivity of the solder finish. Additionally, HAL-40 will reduce solder adhesion to

the laminate and/or soldermask, minimizing solder tailings and/or webbing sometimes encountered

during hot air leveling. HAL-40 is COMPLETELY water soluble, low foaming, free rinsing, and contains

no glycol ethers, solvents, or activators which could attack solder mask or the laminate “buttercoat”.


Performance Features
  • ENVIRO/Flow HAL-40 removes copper oxides and deposits a non-evaporative film over the copper resulting in a stable, clean solderable copper surface.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HAL-40 reduces the surface tension at the copper/solder interface resulting in excellent solder coverage and appearance free of solder tailings or solder webbing.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HAL-40 is completely water soluble and free rinsing.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HAL-40 is a low acid formulation minimizing equipment wear.
  • ENVIRO/Flow HAL-40 does not contain glycol ethers or activators which could attack soldermask or laminate.