The Model 113 is the perfect washer for small shops. This washer has the same features
and working  size as the Model 112 but is fully insulated for efficiency and has a larger fluid
capacity making this unit ideal for constant use. It can accommodate up to 500 lbs and withstand
multi-loading blocks, heads, transmissions or parts.



  • Labyrinth Door Design – eliminates the need for replacement seals.
  • 32″ Work Height – will accept any cylinder head or transmission body
  • Door Mounted Turntable – provides easy access for loading/unloading.
  • Nine large steel jets to assure quick, thorough cleaning.
  • 500 lb. Capacity-withstands multi-loading heads, blocks & transmissions
  • Improved venting of steam.
  • Spring loaded drive motor for constant tension.
  • Fully insulated cleaning chamber for inexpensive operation

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