LED Direct Imaging


The Miva LED Direct Imager is the first of its kind. Miva has coupled precision optics, HD DMM and a custom designed LED Array to deliver a digitally defined, high UV power image to photo-sensitive substrates. The general approach of digitally defined projected imaging has been Miva Technologies’ core competence for over 20 years with nearly 500 systems installed.

The system comes standard with two wavelengths of LED Array from a choice 375nm, 390nm or 405nm. Based on material selection Miva provides the user with the wide range of light source choices.

Miva has direct imaging systems available for feature sizes from 2.5 mil down to 3 micron using the same imaging technology.

Miva has direct imaging systems installed in PCB fabrication, microelectronics and chemical milling applications in Europe, Asia and North America.

2600XL High Speed DI

The 2600XL makes production speed direct imaging at an affordable level possible. Using all linear motors the imaging speed is maximized. With upgrade paths for resolution, LED output and multiple light engine implementation the 2600XL can handle the requirements for throughput, resolution and energy output of nearly any photopolymer image project.

2600S Entry Level DI

The 2600S is an entry level direct imager. Because it utilizes the identical light engine design and software as the other 2600 series models, it has all the capabilities of the other Miva models including resolution upgrades and machine vision based scaling. The lower cost and relatively lower throughput is a result of deploying a ball screw motion system as the X-Y table of the same precision as the 2600XL model.

2600HD High Definition DI

The 2600HD system is targeted at very high resolution applications. Utilizing the same light engine technology with higher resolution scaling and light conditioning optics, the system can achieve direct imaging of 3 micron features. Through the use of linear motors and higher resolution feedback, the precision of the feature sizes and positional accuracy are improved to accommodate the 128,000 dpi resolution.