Carapace EMP110 LDI is the next generation in Liquid Photoimageable Soldermask for Direct

Imaging. Using two-component epoxy technology, EMP110 LDI soldermask is ideally suited for high-

reliability, HDI PCB production where ultimate resolution and registration is required. The EMP110 LDI

formulation has been engineered to deliver straight sidewalls and fine solder-dam resolution over the

wide range of coating thicknesses associated with screen-printed and sprayed PCBs. Optimised

radiation curing characteristics deliver high levels of through-cure at low energy levels without

compromise in surface hardness or chemical resistance.

  • Low exposure energy (50-100 mJcm-2 ) to resolve small features sizes
  • No surface damage or erosion during developing  Fine solder-dam resolution (50m, 2mil)
  • Suitable for LDI and conventional exposure systems
  • High Resistance to Pb-Free, ENIG & Sn Processes
  • RoHS compliant and halogen-free
  • Non toxic
  • Available for screen-print and spray application methods
  • Available in variety of colours

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