EMP 110 Aqueous Developable Photoimageable Soldermask

Carapace EMP110 has been used in the high volume production of PCBs since 1987. The Carapace family has been formulated to exceed the increasing demands of PCB processes, combined with a large process window.


EMP110 HD Photoimageable Soldermask

Carapace EMP110 HD is the latest development of the range, formulated to exceed the increasing demands of PCB processes, combined with a large process window.


EMP 110 LDI Spray Technology

The EMP110 LDI formulation has been engineered to deliver straight sidewalls and fine solder-dam resolution over the wide range of coating thicknesses associated with screen-printed and sprayed PCBs. Optimised radiation curing characteristics deliver high levels of through-cure at low energy levels without compromise in surface hardness or chemical resistance.


EL16 2-Component Legend Range

EL16 is a 2-component legend ink system for marking printed circuit boards. It is extremely fast curing and offers strong contrast, high definition and good chemical resistance.

  • Longer pot life. 2 component mixture remains usable for 48 hours.
  • Increased screen stability. Less drying-up and, no staining of mesh.
  • No colour change on soldering. White and yellow legends do not assume an off-colour tinge after soldering.


EM55 Peelable Resist Range

EM55 PEELABLES are formulated to provide temporary protection for selected board areas against hot air solder levelling, wave soldering, infra-red reflow or gold plating. They are an extremely cost effective alternative to the otherwise laborious process of masking board areas by tape against unwanted solder pickup or galvanic deposit.


ED2000 Silver Conductive Pastes

ED2000 SILVER PASTES are highly conductive, silver-filled thermosetting conductor paste suitable for use on rigid substrate. They can be used for printing complete circuits or providing “jumper” connections on conventional circuits where high conductivity is required. They also have a long, hard wearing surface and are suitable for use as sliding contacts.


EP4040 2-Component Hi-Slip Soldermask Range

EP4040 Series is a high definition, 2-component soldermask based on modern epoxy technology noted for it’s extremely fast cure speed and superior chemical/electrical resistance. It is formulated for use on copper and tin lead substrates and is designed to withstand the hardest environmental conditions.


Ronascreen 1400 UV-Curable flexible Etch Resist

Ronascreen 1400 etch resists are formulated to resist attack by acidic and ammoniacal etchants up to pH 9.5. Ronascreen 1400 is rapidly stripped by dilute sodium hydroxide and the resulting solution does not block filters or interfere with the operation of re-cycling systems.


ED7500 Pastes for Fixed Resistors

ED7500 PASTES are manufactured using high quality carbon, silver and graphite powders to give a range of values from 1Ω¬-1 – 1M Ω¬-1 and are suitable for commercial and automotive fixed resistor and potentiometer applications. They are suitable for use on FR4, FR3, FR2, CEM1 and CEM3 material.