CuSCRUB 4F-9.1 is an acidified pumice scrub designed to promote cleaning and microroughening

of copper laminate. CuSCRUB 4F-9.1 is formulated with 4F Grade, friable pumice and contains

antioxidant components to inhibit cupric oxide formation after the cleaning cycle. During use,

fractured particles from friable pumice continue to present sharp cutting edges rather than rounding

off, thereby assuring a long and consistent operating life. CuSCRUB 4F-9.1 also exhibits a low

concentration of free silica, and is therefore safer to work with than traditional pumice.

CuSCRUB 4F-9.1 is specially formulated and packaged in 22# containers for use with

ISTM abrasive cleaning systems.

Performance Features
  • CuSCRUB 4F-9.1 is mildly acidified, thereby chemically stripping light oxides from the copper surface while producing a uniform micro-roughened copper surface.
  • CuSCRUB 4F-9.1 contains anti-oxidants to protect the cleaned copper.
  • CuSCRUB 4F-9.1 is formulated with friable 4F Grade pumice, assuring a continued source of sharp edges as the material fractures during use.
  • CuSCRUB 4F-9.1 contains a low concentration of free silica, promoting a safe working environment.