MacDermid Enthone M-Series Marking Inks

M-Series inks are permanent, two component, epoxy-based marking

inks. They may be used with a selection of catalysts which cure at

elevated and/or room temperatures. When properly applied and

cured, M-Series inks have excellent adhesion to glass, metal and

thermosetting plastics. They have excellent chemical and thermal

resistance properties.


MacDermid Enthone 50-Series Cat-L-Ink

50-Series Cat-L-Inks are permanent, two component, epoxy-based

screen printing inks. They may be used with a selection of catalysts

which cure at elevated and/or room temperatures. When properly

applied and cured, Cat-LInks have excellent adhesion to

photoimageable,  thermal and UV solder masks, glass, metal and

plastic. They have  excellent chemical and thermal resistance



Enthone functional coatings are critical components on virtually every car, truck, plane and bike on the road today. If it rolls, flies, sails or moves, Enthone is there. Our coatings deliver corrosion protection and wear resistance on a diversity of components used in the automotive, building hardware, heavy equipment,aerospace, and electronics industries.

Enthone coatings are specified by the world’s leading OEMs and are REACH, RoHS and ELV compliant, environmentally sound processes. They include lead-free and cadmium-free electroless nickel, high efficiencyhard chrome, and customized zinc and zinc alloy systems to meet exacting manufacturing standards. Enthone coating systems optimize quality, increase durability and extend product life.


Enthone Decorative Coatings offer a new level of versatility and style. The ELV and REACH compliant processes include copper-nickel-chrome and plating on plastics solutions that are engineered for durability and long lasting beauty on a diversity of plastics and metals. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers and applicators to ensure cost-effective and environmentally friendly processes that deliver a distinctive range of bright, satin, dark and trivalent finishes.

The high reliability coatings are used in a variety of automotive decorative trim applications such as grills, door handles, bumpers, emblems, and much more. Building hardware applications include plumbing fixtures and fittings, door and window hardware, appliance components and lighting fixtures.  The OEM approved, distinctive finishes provide dynamic styling to meet demanding production and detailing requirements.


Proper cleaning is an essential ingredient to any successful finishing operation. The majority of plating failures are the result of improper cleaning and activation cycles. Consistent and successful plating is achieved when cleaner selection and operating conditions have been given the same consideration as the plating process. Once the proper cleaning cycle has been determined, the finishing process can proceed with confidence.

Enthone offers a complete line of ENPREP® soak, spray and electrocleaners formulated specifically for cleaning and activating steel, stainless steel, brass, iron, magnesium, zinc die casts, copper, and copper alloys. These products can have a major impact on overall finishing costs when you consider that surface conditioners can represent up to 50% of your chemical costs.


Enthone environmentally friendly printed circuit board processes increase board capacity with substantially improved performance. Our ENVISION® direct metallization systems reduce water usage, energy consumption, and waste treatment, while enabling reliable processing of microvias and high aspect ratio multilayers. Furthermore, CUPROSTAR® copper electroplating systems provide reliable surface distribution, as well as the ability to fill blind microvias and plated through-holes simultaneously. Our comprehensive selection of chemistries is easily accessed on this page.

Enthone PCB final finishes are the world’s most applied and preferred and include a new generation organic metal® process that combines high reliability and cost-effectiveness of an OSP with the exceptional solderability of a metallic finish. Additionally, AlphaSTAR® immersion silver is specially engineered to eliminate planar microvoids and prevent creep corrosion. ORMECON® immersion tin processes are specially formulated to inhibit tin whiskering. Finally, the Enthone portfolio is led by the world’s most widely used and trusted ENTEK® organic solderability preservatives that feature robust operating windows and withstand multiple lead-free heat cycles.