POLY/Solv RS-720 (RS-720) is a highly concentrated solution designed to economically and efficiently strip

most commercially available, fully aqueous dry film resists. RS-720’s unique formulation contains penetrating

additives designed to reduce entrapment of dry film in areas exhibiting tin or tin/lead over-plate. Additionally,

RS-720 does not include sodium, potassium, or ammonium hydroxide, or alcohols (including methanol);

reducing alkaline attack of copper, tin, and solder. As such, RS-720 is easier to waste treat and exhibits less

odor than many competitive products. RS-720 was formulated to produce stripped resist particles averaging

0.2 – 0.5 cm in diameter (with most dry films), facilitating resist particulate filtration. RS-720 also incorporates

a unique blend of inhibitor compounds to minimize corrosion of tin-lead and/or solder on hard boards and

leave a bright, stable, oxide free copper surface suitable for AOI inspection.


Performance Features

  • Exhibits minimal chemical and/or galvanic corrosion attack on solder simplifying waste treatment of spent solutions and resist particulate.
  • The formulation of RS-720 does not contain sodium or potassium hydroxide, glycol ethers, or alcohols.
  • RS-720 is highly concentrated and is effective at concentrations as low as 4% in spray applications.
  • Suitable for feed and bleed processing with Seacole’s automated resist strip.