The Accu-Score AS-150-MAX V-Scoring Machine is designed to score continuous
and segmented (“jump”) V-Grooves on one or both sides of any type of PC board substrate.
Designed from an operators view-point, the Accu-Score AS-150 series machines are easy
to program and set-up due to their Windows® environment and ergonomic design. High
throughput is achieved through innovative design and high performance components.




  • 200 FPM Feed Rate: The AS-150-MAX provides high throughput up to 200 FPM V-Scoring feed rate. The PCB is moved through the cutting zone with accurate, uniform speed, which is fully adjustable via software control.
  • Fixed Cutter Design: Twin Z-Axis drive systems are mounted to the rigid steel frame to reduce vibration and simplify calibration, maintenance and construction of the cutter assemblies. Because the PCB is moved in the X and Y, and the cutters are fixed (except score depth control via the top and bottom Z-Axis) the stability of the system results in a dramatic improvement in the repeatability and overall accuracy of the finished product.
  • Rigid I-Beam Construction: The AS-150-MAX’s superstructure is comprised of a rigid I-Beam base, and a thick welded steel frame providing outstanding system rigidity and mass. Windows® based visual programming: AccuSystems’ industry leading software control system provides for complete system control and nearly self-explanatory operation through the use of a graphical user interface. The system displays a board figure with representative score lines to reduce operator error, and stores past jobs for quick and easy retrieval and set-up.
  • Lifetime Software Upgrades: AccuSystems will provide software upgrades at no charge. As improvements are made in the software that do not effect the functionality of the AS-150-MAX model, an upgrade disk will be made available at no charge.
  • PC Based Control System: AccuSystems uses the finest computer peripherals available for a highly reliable control center. The base system includes a highresolution color monitor and pointing device that maximizes the benefits of the graphical user interface.
  • On-site Installation and Training: AccuSystems provides 2 days of on site installation and training to the pertinent customer staff. Installation includes initial turn on, testing and tuning of the system. Training includes theoretical and practical scoring applications as well as maintenance training. The customer must provide PCB’s that are ready for scoring, for ‘live’ training to take place. All training is designed to make the customer self sufficient despite the availability of outstanding support from AccuSystems. Customer is responsible for all travel and lodging expenses of the installer.
  • Machine Crating: Domestic crating provides quality crating for airfreight and/or air ride van shipping. Machine is bolted to a wooden skid and ‘shrink wrapped’. Other crating is available and is quoted on a case-by-case basis.
  • 1-Year Factory Warranty On Parts and Labor: AccuSystems provides an outstanding 1-year machine parts and labor warranty