1/2" or 3/4" Polypropylene Air Diaphragm Pump

Plating International offers our own line of chemical resistant air diaphragm pumps. We offer expert knowledge to many
different industries and have these in operation all over the world. Being a direct supplier we cut out mark ups and
offer the most competitive pricing in the market. Our air diaphragm pumps are guaranteed to be 20% to 40%
cheaper than any other name brand air diaphragm pump.





  • Without electricity, explosion proof, can convey flammable fluid
  • No dynamic seals, even dry running without damage to the pump
  • No impeller, low shear, will not damage the material structure of fluid.
  • Submersible, mobile, flexible installation, easy maintenance.
  • Can convey high thick, high viscosity fluid.
  • Can convey acid, alkali, strong organic solvents and other fluid.
  • Changing the inlet air and pressure, to adjust the flow rate and head.