The Mach 3 Antares X has the same use and characteristics of the version X-700,
but is equipped with automatic loading / unloading of the panels or of the inner device.
The panel to be machined is taken from the cart load (left) and deposited on the table
work. at the end of machining the panel is picked up from the table and deposited on
the unloading cart (to the right of the table), or, in case of deviation, is deposited in the
rear station .

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Basement in granite, linear motors, optical position transducers, for the best thermal stability, wear and maintenance practically negligible in the time. Head with X-Ray camera and spindle with compact design and lightweight giving high position accuracy and speed. Table with central vacuum for panel lock. Automatic rear unloader into a movable trolley.

Working Cycle

Manual load of the panels or inner directly on the table; no door to open/close, measurement of the targets, optimized drilling of the reference holes with compensation of panel enlargement/shrinking, automatic panel unload into the rear trolley. Everything is done in a few seconds.


Simple and intuitive user interface, programming of targets and hole’s coordinates without any limit in number and position, data collection (measured coordinates, panel enlargement/shrinking and registration errors) into a file, tools for manual measurements of distances, diameters and rest rings.

Operative Capabilities

  • Max panel dimensions: 800 x 600 mm ( 31, 49 x 23,62 in) – Max. thickness: 6 mm (0,23 in).
  • Max. Distance between ragets: X=740 mm (29,13 in) , Y=580 mm (22,83 in)
  • Cycle time: 15 s ( 4 targets + 3 holes – excluding the operator time).
  • Compact machine dimensions – Low energy consumption=2 KW – Average air cons.= 400 NL/min


  • Size of panels: 700 x 550 mm (27.5 x 21.6 in)
  • Maximum thickness 6 mm – = 2 kg weight limit (4.4 Lbs)
  • Ability to load your cart: 250 mm height of the stack of panels.
  • Productivity 2,5 panels / min. (4 + 3 target holes)
  • Dimensions and energy / air consumption limited