Photoresist Dry Film Plating Resist for Copper, Tin & Tin/Lead


DuPont PlateMaster 200 Dry Film

  • Negative working, aqueous processable dry film photoresist.
  • Designed for pattern plate applications on scrubbed and unscrubbed electroless copper, and Direct Plate surfaces.
  • Strong mechanical scratch resistance for development and post development process to achieve high yields.
  • Increased productivity (Photospeed, development speed and stripping speed).
  • Improved dry film confonnation under conversional lamination parameters.
  • Vivid print out image after exposure.
  • Available in 40 micron(1.5mil), 50 micron(2.0 mil), and 75 micron(3.0mil) thicknesses.


DuPont PlateMaster 300 Photoresist Dry Film

  • Negative working, aqueous processable dry film photoresist Designated for super fine line pattern plating application.
  • Featured in wide plating latitude that can be processed at different plating condition without under plating.
  • Stripping flake size is 3 mm which can be easily separated when over plated.
  • Vivid print out image after exposure for east inspection.
  • Available in ,38 and 50 micron thickness depend on plating thickness.


DuPont Riston Dry Film Selection Guide