MacDermid Enthone M-Series Permanent Marking Inks

M-Series inks are permanent, two component, epoxy-based marking inks.
They may be used with a selection of catalysts which cure at elevated and/or room
temperatures. When properly applied and cured, M-Series inks have excellent
adhesion to glass, metal and  thermosetting plastics. They have  excellent 
chemical  and  thermal resistance properties.

Available Sizes: Bi-Paks (1/3 oz.), 6 Ounce Kits, 1 Quart Kits

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MacDermid Enthone Safety Data Sheets

Below are M-Series Safety Data Sheets

MacDermid Enthone Specifications

Below are approved Customer Ink Specifications for the defined Issuers
  • Specifications
    ISSUER  SPEC # REV INK Products 
    Lincoln Composites 11575 B 50-700R, 50-100R, Cat 9
    Vicor 14950 00 AD2003
    Raytheon 417301 BD 50 & M-series, SE1619, SE2180, w/9, 20/A, 28, 45 77
    Remec 500465 H M0N, M0NC, M9N, M2N, B-3
    ITT Aerospace 561413 D M-9, -0, -0NC;  Cat 45, 20/A
    Hughes Aircraft 760696 E 50 Series & M Series
    Northrop-Grumman 960667 B 50-771R, 50-100R, Cat 9
    ATK Thiokol 2002527 A M-3-N, M-4-N, M-9-N, M-0-NC, B-3, 20/A, AD2002, AD2003
    Sanders- Lockheed Martin 2280876 W M Series, Cat 77, AD2002
    Spar Aerospace 2538492 1 Catalyst 20/A
    Navy 5675167 G 50-202BR, 50-100R, 50-771R, Cat 9, Cat 20/A
    Navy 5823349 J 50-202BR w/Cat 9
    Navy 5823519 B 50-800 w/Cat 9
    Navy 5823520 F AD2001
    Navy 5823521 G 50 Series w/Cat 20A
    Navy 5823522 C M Series w/Cat B3
    Lockheed Martin 7520558 W M-; Cat 20/A, B5, B13/28, B3
    General Electric 7539940 D AD 2002, AD 2003
    Lockheed Martin 7846193 F M-series, Catalyst 20/A
    BAE Systems 8353154 A M-0-N, M-9-N, B-3
    BAE Systems 8519182 M-9-N, M-0-NC, CATALYST B-13/28
    EMC Technology 8664015 M M-series, 50-600R, B-3, 5
    Raytheon 13563523 50-810R w/Cat 77
    Navy 28635859 F 50 Series w/Cat 20A
    Rockwell Collins 005-8203 AL 50-Series, Cat 28, 9, 45, B-3
    Spectrolab 044417 NC 50 Series Inks and Catalysts
    DRS Technology 0800107 A M-series, Cat 5 & 20/A
    Space Systems/Loral 11-P12288 16 50 -Series
    General Electric 171A4505 B M-Series w/Cat 20 A, B3
    BAE Systems 174A235 A M-0-N, M-9-N, B-3
    Lockheed Martin 174A235 M0N/B3, M9N/B3, 50-700R/Cat 9, 50-100R/Cat 9
    Aeroflex 25E667 T M-0-N, M-9-N, B-3
    Smith’s Industries 3-016-xxx B M0NC, M-9-N (Type I and II), M-0-N, M-2-N.,M-4-N, B-13/28
    Lockheed Martin 356A7702 B M-2, -9, -4, -0-N, Cat 28/B-13
    Eastman Kodak 400-2081 AC 50-Series and CAT 9/20/28
    Eastman Kodak 400-3810 B M-Series w/CAT 20/A, B3, B13/28, 45, 77. AD2002 and AD2003
    ITT Space Systems,LLC 400-3810 J M-series, Catalyst 20/A, 77, 45 & B-13/28
    ITT 419-246 AD 2003
    Orbital Sciences 42-0074 A 50 Series w/Cat 28
    Pacific Scientific 50971xx J M-Series w/Cat 20/A
    Honeywell 530-2500 F M –  (No Catalyst)
    Honeywell 530-2546 E M-9-N, M-0-N Cat 20/A, B-3
    Custom Electronics 5-707 E M- and 50- Series
    General Dynamics 760-79055 H 50 Series w/Cat 20A
    G&H Technology 999-158 C 50- & M-series w/9, 45, 28
    Moog Inc. A58338 L M-; Cat 20/A, B13/28
    Boeing AB0290-002 M 50-Series & M-Series, Cat 9, B3, 20/A, B13/28
    Ablestik APS-101000 B Catalyst 20/A
    Ablestik APS-101008 D M-0-N
    Boeing BMS10-54 H 50-100R, 50-771R, 50-800R w/ Cat 9
    Boeing BMS10-94 A SR1000
    Kearfott C1011200xx J 50 Series & M Series w/Cat 20/A
    Kearfott C10112010x P M0N, M9N, M2N, w/Cat B3
    Kearfott C1011211xx P 50 Series & M Series w/Cat 77&45
    TRW C258813 H M -Series w/Cat 20A
    TRW C802918 A 50-100R, 50-800R
    Pratt & Whitney CMS0106 B M-9-N, M-0-N, B-3, 20/A
    EMS Electromagnetic CRD-458602 M-Series and all catalysts
    Lockheed Martin D227 G19 M-Series except M-1-N
    Hamilton Sundstrand ED742731 O 50-100R,50-110RX,50-201AR,50-300R,50-507R,50-700R,50770R, 50-771R,50-206R,CAT 9, B-13/28, 20/A
    Jewell Instruments ES4817-002 C M0N, M3N, Cat 9, Cat 20/A
    Honeywell FMC8030-01 H M-0-N w/Cat20/A
    Honeywell FMC8030-02 G M-9-N w/Cat 20/A
    Honeywell FMC8030-05 E M-3-N w/Cat 20/A
    Honeywell FMC8030-06 G M-4-N w/Cat 20/A
    Honeywell FMC8030-07 E M-5-N w/Cat 20/A
    Honeywell FMC9029-01 G M-0-N w/Cat B3
    Honeywell FMC9029-02 G M-9-N w/Cat B3
    Honeywell FMC9029-04 F M-2-N w/Cat B3
    Honeywell FMC9029-06 F M-4-N w/Cat B-3
    Honeywell FMC9029-07 G M-5-N w/Cat B3
    Honeywell FMC9029-08 C M-6-N w/Cat B3
    Honeywell FMC9029-09 F M-7-N w/Cat B3
    Honeywell FMC9710-01 M-0-N w/Cat B13/28
    Honeywell FMC9710-02 M-9-N w/Cat B13/28
    Honeywell FMC9710-04 M-2-N w/Cat B13/28
    Honeywell FMC9710-06 M-4-N w/Cat B13/28
    Honeywell FMC9710-07 M-5-N w/Cat B13/28
    Honeywell FMC9710-08 M-6-N w/Cat B13/28
    IRC Proprietary GM EZ-S01-01-012 PRI SR1000 w/AD5003
    M. C. Gill GMS RI001 E 50-400R
    M. C. Gill GMS RI012 C Catalyst 9
    Grumman Aerospace GP14A AB 50 Series w/Cat 20, B3, 9
    Raytheon HMS 2229 A AD2002
    Raytheon HMS 2277 C M0NC, B-3, Cat 77
    Honeywell HMS 70181-02 C M-2-N, Cat 20/A and Cat 45
    Raytheon HP8-5 AB 50-770R, 50-771R, M-0-NC, Catalysts B-13/28, 77, 20/A
    Lockheed Martin LAC 3575 AF 50-Series & M-Series, Cat 9, 77, 20/A
    Northrop MA3500 E 50-800R, 50-771R, 50-100R, 50-300R, Catalyst B13/28
    Boeing MBO-190-003 L 50-series, Cat B13/28
    Boeing MBO-190-006 G M – 20/A, B-13/28
    Honeywell MC8030-08 D 50- M-Series
    Honeywell MCS9066 K 50- M-Series, 20/A
    Army MIL-I-43553 A M and 50 Series (w/exceptions)
    Army MIS37271 B M Series w/Cat 20A
    Raytheon MPN0190 D M0NC/B13 Bi-Pack
    Honeywell MPS1600005 50-770R w/Cat 28
    Litton MS-2301 J M Series w/Cat 20
    Litton Airtron MS-2919 B AD2002
    Hamilton Sunstrand MS40-16 H M0NC, M-9-N, M-2-N, M-4-N, B-3, B13/28, 45, 77
    Jackson & Tull MSI6.0.1 All products (QA Provisions)
    TRW MT12-2B B 50-Series Inks
    Orbital Sciences (Fairchild) P7510000 E M-0-N, M-9-N, M-2-N, M-4-N. M-5-N, B-3, B-13/28, 20/A
    Honeywell P8258243 K 50 Series w/Cat 20 & 9
    Pratt & Whitney RBO190-009 B Type I = M-2-N, M-3-N, M-4-N, M-5-N. M-6-N,M-9-N, M-0-N                                                                                                                                                     Type II = M-2-N, M-3-N, M-4-N, M-5-N. M-6-N,M-9-N, M-0-NC,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     50-100R, 50-770R, 50-771R, Cat 9, Cat 20/A
    PRO-PAC SAI-SPEC-935 A M-9-N w/ Cat 20/A bipack
    EMS Technologies SID458601 + CN01 A M0N, M9N, M4N/CAT 20A
    Raytheon SM80262 & SM80263 B & C 50 & M-series Type I, 20/A,  9, 45, B13/28,  B-3, and 77
    Hamilton Sunstrand STBM0001 H 50, M-series B-13/28, 20/A
    Martin Marietta STM Y839 6 50 & M Series (Louisiana only)
    Martin Marietta STM Y839 7 50 & M Series
    Boeing STM0905-02 C 50-series w/Cat 77, 10-105, M-9-N w/Cat 77, M-0-NC with B-13/28
    ULA STM0905-02 F 50-Series w/ Catalyst  77, M-9-N w/Catalyst 77 and Catalyst B3
    M-0-NC w/ Catalyst B3 and B13/28
    ATK Thiokol TD103735 M-0-N w/ 20A or 10cc Bipack
    Kearfott Y122A054 A M-0-NC, M-9-N, M-3-N, Cat 20/A

MacDermid Enthone Letters of Qualifications

Below are 2023 Letters of Qualification
  • 2023 Letters of Qualification

    Qualification 2023 letter 50 Series to MIL-I Rev A File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons


    Qualification 2023 letter M-Series to CID rev D File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons


    Qualification 2023 letter 50-Series to CID rev D File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons


    M-Series to MacDermid Enthone’s Specification 2023 File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons


    Qualification 2023 letter M-Series to MIL-I Rev A File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons


    2023 Cover Letter for Annual Qualification Letters File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons


    2023 Listing of A-A-56032D & MIL-I-43553A Qualified Inks File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons


    50-series to MacDermid Enthone’s Specification 2023 File:PDF file icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons


Request Information

General Information


M-Series Ink Color


Catalyst Select


Kit Size




Methods of Application


Machine Marking

Minimum pressure is recommended for transfer-paid or flat-bed printers. Adjust rollers to 0.5 mils clearance prior

to the addition of ink. Increase the depth of the ink on the roll feeds until the ink is transferred. Additions of

AD2003 retarder may be used during the print run.

Hand Stamping

Use a brayer to roll out a thin film of ink onto a glass or metal plate. Transfer the ink from palate to the part with a

rubber, neoprene, or urethane stamp. Minimum pressure provides a shark image definition. Disposable stamp

pads made of finely textured polyurethane foam or foam rubber may also be used. Because the ink begins to

solidify at the end of its pot life, stamp pads cannot be reused.

Screen Printing

Monofilament polyester fabrics with a mesh count of 180-330 may be used. Mesh tension should be to the fabric

manufacturer’s recommendations. Stencils may be applied by, indirect, or direct/indirect methods. Squeegee

material should 70-80 durometer, sharp and free of nicks. Squeegee durometer, pressure, angle, and print speed

should be adjusted according to overall printing parameters to ensure high quality print definition.


Following the induction period, think with AD2002 or a blend of 80% PM glycol ether and 20% methyl isobutyl

ketone at 25-40% by volume, depending on the air pressure and orifice of spray unit. Thinner additions will extend

the pot life considerably