Zerust® ICT® VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) Bags protect Metal Components, Machined Parts, Engines, Molds and more from corrosion.

Zerust VCI Bags are embedded with Zerust’s proven and safe VCI protection power. Zerust VCI technology is odorless, non-toxic and invisible; this technology protects bare metals against corrosion for up to five years. Simply clean and dry your metal part, seal it inside the VCI bag and tightly close. When you need the item, remove it from the VCI bag. It will be clean and ready to use!


  • Features

    Proven corrosion protection
    Compatible with Zerust coatings and RPs

  • Benefits

    Reduce corrosion incidences

    Improve shipment yield rates

    Keep parts clean and dirt-free

    Save money & resources

  • Additional Information


    Bags are available flat and gusset with zipper closure options.
    Size Range (width)

    2 in (5 cm) – 125 in (317.5 cm) (flat)
    2 in (5 cm) – 125 in (317.5 cm) (gusset)

    1-8 mil (25-200 microns)


    Yellow, clear and green are standard colors depending on the corrosion protection formulation type. Other colors and printing are available upon request.

    Protection Type

    Bags are available in ferrous, non-ferrous, anti-tarnish & multi-metal corrosion protection capabilities.

    Protection Life

    Will protect metals for up to 5 years when properly packed and stored.

    Shelf life

    Shelf life of 2 years if stored at 85° F (30° C) or less, out of direct sunlight and in original packaging.