Dupont Dry Film


DuPont™ Riston® dry film photoresist revolutionized the way printed circuit boards were fabricated when it was invented by DuPont 40 years ago. Fabricators challenged to produce denser and more complex boards choose DuPont, for improved product and process solutions that keep them both competitive and profitable. Explore our Riston® line of high performance dry film photoresists for your next PWB application.

Allen Woods and Associates has been a proud distributor of Dupont Dry Film for more that 20 years and have become the leading representatives of Dupont Dry Film in the Midwest Region of the United States. Backed by our technical expertise of PCB equipment and materials, we are dedicated to serving our customers and meeting their needs for exceptional quality and support.




Gold Plating

General Purpose


Acid Etch, Chemical Milling


Acid Etch, Tent & Etch

Fine Line Etching

  • FX900
    High tech/Fine line resist for below 75 µm lines/spaces. Excellent flow during lamination and insensitive to off-contact printing.

    DuPont FX900 PDF


Selective ENIG

Laser Direct Imaging