In order to better help our customers from start to finish, offer a line of industrial water treatment systems. Many of our existing and prospective customers in the printed circuit board industries, automotive, industrial and metal finishing industries have a need for an effective way to treat or dispose of their wastewater. The Water Maze line of wastewater treatment equipment, as well as our expertise, helps our customer base efficiently and affordably dispose of, or treat their wastewater for reuse.

Water Maze is North America’s premier brand of industrial wastewater treatment systems. For the past two decades, Water Maze has lead the industry in providing innovative technology for processing waste water. Water Maze’s diverse portfolio of technologies can treat any type of waste water created during manufacturing, cleaning industrial equipment, remanufacturing or metal processing.

Certified to UL safety standards, Water Maze equipment is manufactured under the internationally recognized ISO-9001 standards for quality processes. The equipment line of waste water treatment equipment is proudly supported and serviced by Allen Woods & Associates in the great lakes region.