Our Viking line of Aqueous Parts Washers includes many types of washers based on your application. These well-crafted machines will utilize the cleaning power of TRANSBRITE Detergents efficiently and their design will make sure THE ENTIRE PART comes out as clean as your expectations demand.


Rotary Washers


SC 2233 & SC 2245 Spray Cabinet Systems


These Aqueous Parts Washers are Excellent, Economical machines to augment or overhaul your Cleaning Process. These Spray Cabinets are perfect for Aqueous Cleaning and will optimize the use of our TRANSBRITE Detergents to improve your cleanliness standards. Each washer boasts a 14 Nozzle configuration, a 12 Gallon Capacity and a 3 HP Pump with a 70 GPM output at 50 PSI.

These reliable machines are sure to get your job done, while saving you money on labor and operating costs.

  • Features

    • 0-30 minute cleaning cycle timer
    • SC 2233 Model is narrow enough to pass through a 30” wide door
    • Large-Capacity Filter traps debris which you can easily remove for cleaning
    • Door-Activated Safety Switch
    • Turntable on-off switch for concentrated cleaning
    • Insulated Cabinets
    • Vertical, Seal-Less Pump
    • 7-Day Timer for convenience of use


High Pressure Washers


2233 and 2833 High-Pressure Aqueous Parts Washers

The High Pressure Line of Spray Cabinet Washers will cut through grime and other contaminants with their uniquely designed nozzles that deliver 100 PSI High Impact Jet Spray! The Labyrinth door design will preserve the temperature and water within the Cabinet, saving you money and the Positive Drive Turntable System reduces slippage and inefficiency within the cleaning cycle.

These work horses can hold up to 350 lbs.

  • Features


    • 10HP, 3-Phase seal-less pump
    • Positive turntable drive system
    • High impact spray nozzles for better cleaning
    • Sloped reservoir aids in draining and is easy to clean
    • Insulated cabinets are energy efficient and provides quiet operation
    • Roll-Out Turntable Design
    • Labyrinth-Style Door means no seals are necessary


Soak/Spray Wash Systems


SKS Series- Soak/Spray Wash Systems


This Spray Cabinet series of Aqueous Parts Washers comes standard with an Agitation Tank to help dislodge particle contaminants from the part along with Spray and Rinse cycles to drastically reduce cleaning time. These models come with an Oil-Skimmer and Large-Capacity Filters to protect and prolong bath life, saving water and operational costs.

Industries Served: Automotive, Stamping, Ag/Weldments , Military, Mass Transit , General Manufacturing

  • Features


    • Insulated Cabinet, including the top, saves energy and reduces noise
    • Roll-out Turntable
    • Labyrinth Door also includes neoprene pad for double sealing
    • Large Agitating Hot Tank with Soak Basket is standard
    • Swing-Open Door allows parts to be moved directly from Soak Tank to Spray-Chamber eliminating the possibility of water dripping on the floor
    • Sloped bottom makes Reservoir cleaning easy
    • Seal-Less, High-Pressure Pump
    • Heavy-duty Door Latch assures sealing
    • Manual Rinse System available on the SKS 2833
    • Electric or Gas Heated Machines are available in standard 3Ø, 230V or optional 1Ø power
    • Large-Capacity Filter traps debris to protect nozzles and is easily removed for cleaning
    • Heavy-Gauge Construction throughout the machine
    • Insulated Cabinet, including the top, saves energy and reduces noise

    • 12” Dia. x 6”H Parts Basket
    • Oil Skimmer/Bucket
    • 20” x 32” Soak Basket
    • 7-Day Timer