Phosphorized Copper Anodes

Univertical uses innovative techniques and proprietary technology to ensure the highest quality anodes.
Our consistent fine-grain Anode made from 100% pure cathode copper allows for the least amount of sludging
in the industry. Cast is also available for less demanding applications.

Product Specifications
Copper: 99.935% minimum
Iron: 0.0030% maximum
Sulfur: 0.0030% maximum
Lead: 0.0020% maximum
Nickel: 0.0020% maximum
Arsenic: 0.0010% maximum
Tin: 0.0010% maximum
Zinc: 0.0010% maximum
Phosphorus: 0.040 – 0.065%

44 pound fiberboard box
220 pound pail
2000 pound pallet box


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