TRANSBRITE DirtBUSTER is a Heavy Duty, Multi-Purpose Liquid Detergent capable
of cleaning the toughest soils and contaminants associated with today’s remanufacturer
& rebuilder. TRANSBRITE DirtBUSTER is capable of cleaning and degreasing
everything from hard-surface concrete shop floors & walls, to equipment, and company
vehicles. As a concrete shop floor cleaner, TRANSBRITE DirtBUSTER will increase
employee safety & production while decreasing slip-and-fall accidents. TRANSBRITE


  • Used as a Concrete Shop Floor Cleaner — DirtBUSTER Increases Employee Safety & Production
  • while Decreasing Slip-and-Fall Accidents, Lost Time and Insurance Costs
  • Superior Cleaning & Degreasing Power with Many Cleaning Applications
  • Multi-Metal & Aluminum Safe
  • Contains NO Harmful Glycol Ethers, Phosphates, HAP’s, or VOC’s
  • Biodegradable and Environmentally Safe
  • Safe for Use on All Water Washable Surfaces, Metal, Glass or Painted
  • Will NOT Attack Concrete Shop Floors or Floor Sealants
  • Penetrates & Removes Heavy Greases, Oils, Lubricants, Tire Marks and other Soils
  • Used as a Vehicle Wash – DirtBUSTER Quickly Removes Tenacious “Road Film & Grime”,
  • Brightens Paint, Shines Wheels & Cleans Glass
  • Super Concentrated Formula for Low Volume Usage and Low Cost
Available Sizes:  Super Concentrated Kits (makes 30 gallons of concentrate) and 55 gallon drums

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