Sulfate-based bright acid tin

The SOLDEREX® TB process is designed to produce extremely bright tin deposits from sulfate based plating

solutions. SOLDEREX TB produces deposits with excellent ductility and solderability from barrel, rack, and

highspeed reel-to-reel operations. It is an excellent no-lead substitute for tin/lead PC etch resists. READ ENTIRE



The SOLDEREX TB process offers an extended plating range compared to other acid tin systems. Low brightener

make-up and replenishment volumes provide for economy of operation. The SOLDEREX TB process offers

excellent plating solution stability. By varying the operating parameters, the SOLDEREX TB process may be used

for both regular speed and high-speed operations. Properly plated deposits pass the solderability Test of ASTM




1. SOLDEREX TB-A is a brightener component required to make-up and replenish the operating solution.
2. SOLDEREX TB-B is a brightener component required to make-up and replenish the operating solution.
3. SOLDEREX TB-HS is a brightener component used in place of SOLDEREX TB-B for both make-up and replenish of high-speed operating solution.
4. SOLDEREX TB-RA is a post-treatment process that eliminates discoloration or potential yellow or blue cast on
the tin deposit after plating. It also ensures a bright, white solderable tin finish.
5. SOLDEREX TB-F is a two-component clarifier system that rejuvenates aged SOLDEREX TB operating solutions.
6. Stannous sulfate is used for make-up and in high dragout barrel plating operations to replenish tin metal.
7. Sulfuric acid (C.P. grade) is used to maintain the acid component of the operating solution.



Tanks: Hard rubber lined tanks or steel tanks covered with a special lacquer are preferably used. When using plastic tanks it is necessary to ensure that they can sustain the required operating temperature.
Heating: Heating devices made of porcelain, glass or teflon can be used.