Alkaline Etchant for Printed Circuit Boards

AdvantEdge 400 series Replenishers are a newer generation of copper etchants designed for high volume

production of printed circuit boards. AdvantEdge 400 series Replenishers offer excellent line width control,

consistent etch rates and superior undercut protection.

AdvantEdge 400 series Replenishers has been formulated so that a tin-lead surface can be easily neutralized

and brightened when processed through our etching solution. Refer to Product Specification sheet for

specific product information.

RESIST COMPATIBILITY WITH AdvantEdge 400 series Replenishers:

Tin-Lead Solder Nickel-Gold
Bright Solder Gold
Tin Most Dry Films
Bright Tin Most Silk-screen Inks Formulated to Work w/ Alkaline Systems

Some alkaline strippable screen resists may be removed or softened in alkaline etchants. However, the relatively

low operating pH of AdvantEdge 400 series Replenishers increases the ability of these resists to withstand the tendency

to soften or be removed.


Solution Makeup: An AdvantEdge Starter solution, full strength
Solution Maintenance:  AdvantEdge 400 series Replenisher solution, full strength
Operating Temperature:  110-1300F (1250F Optimum)
Operating Sp. Gr at 1250F:  22-270 Baumé (230 Baumé Optimum)
Copper Concentration:  18-22 oz./gallon (20 oz./gallon Optimum)
Chloride Concentration:  4.7 – 5.5 mol/l
pH Range:  8.0-8.8
Etch Rate:  1.6 – 2.8 mil/min depending on temperature, type and model of etcher (avg 2.2 mil/min @ 1250F)
Ventilation:  Connect to scrubber maintained at low pH (in accordance with local regulations