Alpha PREP PC-7030 is a unique adhesion promoter that is designed to replace black oxide (unreduced or reduced).

The environmentally friendly process uses a proprietary and patented chemistry to produce a unique organic-metallic

conversion coating. AlphaPREP PC-7030 adhesion promoter gives a surface topography, which is optimized for reliable

adhesion between dielectric and copper layers. The resulting conversion coating has increased acid resistance, which

suppresses “pink ring” and provides a high integrity bond, which does not deteriorate with multiple thermal excursions.

With a short treatment time of 30 to 50 seconds, a substantial increase in productivity can be achieved in the standard

horizontal conveyorized mode. AlphaPREP PC-7030 has a greatly improved copper capacity, and provides excellent

bonding at reduced etch rates of 35 to 50 micro-inches (0.9 to 1.25 ยต). These factors improve process economy and

enhance the line-width integrity on critical controlled-impedance layers.