Enthone ENTEK NR-40

Mild cleaner and rust inhibitor for iron and steel

Entek® NR-40 is a non-flammable, alkaline liquid material that is mixed with water and used for degreasing and

cleaning, temporary rustproofing, or hot water drying of steel parts. Entek NR-40 solutions leave a thin, virtually

invisible film on the work to guard against corrosion. READ ENTIRE TECHNICAL DATA SHEET BEFORE



As a degreasing and cleaning agent, Entek NR-40 is ideal for complicated iron and steel parts that cannot

be thoroughly rinsed with plain water especially where residual water may cause rusting. Such parts include

filters, coils, gear assemblies, etc. It is also used to clean iron and steel parts between processing operations

and to preclean iron and steel prior to other cleaning procedures where the metal must remain wet or stay

immersedbin the cleaning solution. Entek NR-40 solutions may also be used to clean painted, lacquered

or enameled parts where no attack can be tolerated on the finish.


Entek NR-40 solutions provide protection against rusting between various finishing operations and prevent 

rusting of parts during storage in water solutions. They can be used for cleaning and temporary rustproofing

in one operation without a water rinse. Entek NR-40 solutions are used in hot water drying of iron and steel

parts that tend to rust during the drying procedure. Entek NR-40 lowers the surface tension of the water.