Circuit Board Racks


Whether the requirement is for plating racks, process baskets, clamps, material handling tooling or coating, ARC will design the right product for the process

Belke Products


Belke Products have been used by electroplaters for years and we continue the legend of excellence and durability.

Anode Bags


Anode bags, all sizes and shapes, keep the sludge in the bag and not in your bath. All of the bags are double needle sewn at the seams.

Custom Tooling

Metal Parts Plating Racks
Plastic Parts Plating Racks
PCB Plating Racks
Powder Coating Racks
Electrodisposition Coating Racks

Electropolishing Racks
Air Line Weights
Flight Bars
Auxiliary Anodes
Anode Baskets and Bags

Processing Baskets
Material Handling Carts
Heat Treating