Cleaner/conditioner for PWB copper

AKTIPUR AS serves as a surface treatment for materials made of copper and copper alloys, in particular for

copper laminated materials (printed circuit boards). With this treatment cleaning and activation of the metal

surface is achieved, with existing oxides being completely removed. Even with long reaction times, screen

printing inks, photosensitive resists and other suitable resists remain undamaged.


AKTIPUR AS is used to activate and clean PCB’s that are to be through hole plated with the ENVISION® DMS-E

process and CUPROSTAR® copper plating process. The AKTIPUR AS is specially formulated for compatability

with the conductive polymer film in order to enhance its good conductivity.

AKTIPUR AS does not contain any complexing agents.



Tanks: Hard rubber lined tanks or steel tanks covered with a special lacquer are preferably used. When using plastic tanks it is necessary to ensure that they can sustain the required operating temperature.
Heating: Heating devices made of porcelain, glass or teflon can be used.