Air Blasters


Air Blast Machine utilizes Glass Beads for quickly cleaning and prepping the surfaces of metal parts without significant metal removal. This process utilizes air to propel the blast media onto a part. Machine styles include automated systems, manual cabinet systems, and even entire blast rooms.

Viking GB 2032


The model GB 2032 ‘s space saving design offers maximum versatility and simplicity to enable an operator to perform dozens of different cleaning and finishing operations efficiently and easily.

  • Features

    • The GB 2032 comes standard with a 300 CFM dust collection system
    • The GB 2032R utilizes a high-efficiency dust collection/bead reclaim system that reuses unbroken beads for lower operating costs
    • The cabinet construction consists of sturdy, welded construction and side door openings for easy part loading
    • Lightweight, rugged blasting guns with carbide nozzles and matching jets are standard
    • An air filter/regulator/gauge combo unit comes standard
    • Gloves are removable from ports for easy replacement
    • Large glove openings allow freedom of movement
    • 50 lbs. of medium sized glass beads are standard with each cabinet
    • All machines are shipped fully assembled and tested before leaving the factory