MicroCraft Probe Testers

The Worldwide Leader in Moving Probe Technology


MicroCraft Product Series

M Series Standard Model

M Series are high speed and accuracy models. Supporting a wide range of capabilities from flexible circuits with unique clamping to large size backplanes

  • Standard Model – E4M6151
  • Large Model – E4M8161
  • Extra Large Model – EMX12181
  • Extra Large Model – EMX15281

H Series – High Accuracy Model

Designed for testing highly dense fine pitch boards like MCM, BGA, Flip Chip, etc…

  • High Accuracy Model – E4H6151

L Series – Budget Model

Balance between affordability and performance while maintaining flexibility, speed, accuracy, and reliability

  • Budget Model – E4L6151

E8 Series – 8 Probe System

MicroCraft’s revolutionary linear guide motion system, PDM, and high speed measurement electronics coupled with the latest software optimization insures the fastest possible test

  • 8 Probe System – E8L6151

F2 Series – Flat Bed Model for Flexible Boards

Designed for testing flexible boards like COF, TAB, etc..

  • Flate Bed Model for Flexible Boards – F2H6151

F4 Series – Medium and High Volume Model with Auto Loader

24 hour unattended Loader/Unloader is not available for the most demanding E4M testing environments. Automated stamping of OK and NG are available in panel and image modes

  • F4M6151AL
  • F4H4033AL