How Big Ass Fans Work

Big Ass Fans are the highest quality, most meticulously engineered HVLS fans on the planet. HVLS stands for High Volume / Low Speed, meaning Big Ass Fans move a lot of air with their size (which is up to 24-ft. in diameter), not speed. Moving at a low speed means less energy used for operation, translating into more energy savings for you. And Big Ass Fans aren’t just for the warmer months. Big Ass Fans can save you money and keep you comfortable year-round.

Summer Cooling

Nature put us on earth with a built in air conditioner: Smart. We engineer our Big Ass Fans to make the most of it: Smarter. Thanks to a steady, gentle breeze, Big Ass Fans “cools” by increasing evaporative cooling, or, the rate at which perspiration is evaporated from the skin’s surface. In some cases, our fans make the surrounding area feel between 8 – 16ºF cooler!
Energy efficient and cost effectiveness: Smart.
You: Smartest.

Winter Heat Distribution

It’s not uncommon for the temperature to differ 20ºF from floor to ceiling in taller spaces, especially in the winter. Say you have a building with a ceiling height of 30-ft. and it seems as if the heating system is kicking on every 5 minutes. It probably is cycling more than necessary because the thermostat is at eye level but all the heat is going up! Big Ass Fans gently distribute the heat trapped at the ceiling down to the floor, causing the heating system to cycle less frequently, thus reducing your heating bills by as much as 30%.


Industrial Fans


And by industrial we mean big, powerful, long lasting and energy efficient. Our line of industrial fans will increase productivity, improve comfort and reduce heating costs by up to 30% annually. Standing by our products, our industrial behemoth, Powerfoil®X2.0, is covered by a 100% non-prorated 15 year warranty with factory installation. Whether it’s an enormous warehouse, stadium concourse, airplane hangar or a small shop, we have a fan that will solve all of your air movement problems. Our line of mobile fans bring big airflow to any location with our AirGo® and Yellow Jacket®. Get flexible airflow with the adjustable Pivot, and cover a huge area with the oscillating Pivot 180.

Agricultural Fans


Big Ass Fans large diameter, low speed fans are expertly engineered to effectively circulate air either in tandem with HVAC systems or on their own, providing the most efficient and effective air movement solution for agricultural settings. Each fan greatly improves ventilation, indoor air quality and comfort making your produce, livestock and employees happier 365 days a year. The diverse product line creates slow, gentle breezes to lower effective temperature during summer months and to circulate rising warm air down to occupant level during winter months. Additionally, Big Ass Fans reduce condensation and odorous wet areas for a drier, healthier and more enjoyable environment.

Commercial Fans


From industrial to commercial ceiling fans, Big Ass Fans have evolved with a common goal of providing comfort through sustainable function. Originally designed for industrial and agricultural settings, our behemoth fans were soon being installed in schools, offices, restaurants, retail stores and health clubs. Five years ago our team of engineers erased the drawing board and started fresh. Re-thinking the ceiling fan required the fusion of expertise, invention and immeasurable imagination. The result: tomorrow’s fans, today.

Residential Fans


The 60-inch Haiku® integrates an award-winning motor design that is both silent and powerful with hand-finished airfoils that are uniquely effective and elegant. Available in warm bamboo and sleek matrix composite, Haiku not only is the most efficient ceiling fan ever made (confirmed by ENERGY STAR®, April 2012), but its sophisticated control features include the exclusive Whoosh™ mode to simulate natural airflow. Turn it on and dare to turn it all the way up: its unique core and 13-step hand-balancing process mean it will never rattle or wobble. Ever.